Wednesday, July 21

A favorite bit of childhood doggerel, updated

One more day and I’ll be free

From this school* of misery**

No more pencils,*** no more books,****

No more teachers’***** dirty looks.******

* = a corporate sales training program is only a “school” by the very loosest of definitions

** = it’s been tough, but calling it  “misery” would be a might bit overdramatic

*** = one trainee agent who filled out a practice application with pencil really caught a lot of you-know-what for doing so.  Company policy is black ink only.

**** = do looseleaf binders count?

***** = again, corporate trainers don’t really fall under the customary definition of “teacher”

****** = thankfully, there have been no dirty looks, even the hapless trainee agent who used the pencil got mild ridicule rather than outright hostility

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