Friday, July 23

A tale of two insurance companies

It was off to ABC Insurance’s quarterly district meeting in Westchester County.  An interesting thing is that my hours out of the house were nearly the same as when I was taking the train into Manhattan, leaving at 6:30 in the morning and returning just after 7 pm.  Traffic conditions were much better than yesterday’s horror show.  I encountered a few slowdowns on the Expressway in the morning, but even at their worst I didn’t go below 25 or 30 mph.  There were no significant delays on the Throgs Neck Bridge or on I-287.  About the only exception was the Hutchinson River Parkway, which was fairly slow-moving after the junction with the Cross County.  Still, after yesterday I wasn’t about to complain, and I got to the meeting so early I ended up sitting in my car and reading for almost a half-hour.

The meeting itself wasn’t bad, fairly typical for events of that sort, but the attendance levels made the differences in scale between ABC Insurance and my former company, XYZ Insurance, starkly apparent.  This meeting was for a district covering the city, Long Island, the northern suburbs at least as far as Newburgh, and the northern half of New Jersey – in other words a vast area with a population that must be close to 20 million.  Despite that, there were at most one-third as many people in attendance as at last May’s meeting for XYZ Insurance’s Long Island office, which serves an area of 2.6 million.  I knew that ABC Insurance was far smaller than XYZ Insurance, but now I realized just how much smaller.  Hey, I’m still quite hopeful that I’ll do much better.  As far as I can tell, an agent should do about $1,000 in commissions during a typical week, and every so often should have a really good week that goes as high as $1,500 or $2,000.  Even a $3,000 week is not unheard-of.  I also found out that although my formal field training won’t start for another week, I am to report at 9 this Monday and should be coming in for at least a few hours every day this week.  No commission income, but I am getting a (very modest) salary for now.  The return trip was similarly uneventful, with perhaps a slightly slower trip across the bridge.

Oh, for the really important stuff, the food at the meeting (held at a decent if not upscale hotel and conference center) wasn’t too bad if not quite gourmet level.  There was your basic continental breakfast, and lunch consisted of make-it-yourself sandwiches along with things like salads and pasta.  What was most interesting is that sodas were displayed in glass-fronted refrigerators rather than in the ice buckets one usually encounters at such events.  It was a nice touch because the cans weren’t wet and dripping.

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