Monday, July 26

Finding the Fountain of Youth

Remember when you were back in first grade, and those third-graders were like enormous monsters looming over you like redwood trees?  It illustrates how our perception of age is a relative thing.  A 30-year-old would feel ancient at a Justin Bieber concert and like a child again at bingo night in the VFW hall.  Today was my first weekly meeting at ABC Insurance’s local office, and even though I’m old and feeble in objective terms, at this meeting I was a young whippersnapper once again.  There were 16 agents in addition to me, which of course was a huge contrast from working at XYZ Insurance in an office with at least 300 agents.  Of these 16 agents, there were three men who seemed to be in their 20’s, a man and a woman in their mid-30’s, a woman of about 40, and a man and a woman who were in their middle to late 40’s.  These of course are my guesses, but I believe they’re reasonably accurate.  The other eight agents, in other words half of the total, seven men and one woman, were all in the 55+ category … in a few cases very plus.  Chances are some of them are getting pensions from other employers.  Never before have I worked in such a superannuated atmosphere.  It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. 

Although my formal training isn’t starting for another week, the manager wanted me to go on an appointment with another agent, just to observe.  This agent is a member of the “mature” category, though he certainly hasn’t lost a step, considering that he made over $3,500 in commissions last week.  The appointment was in a working-class area of eastern Suffolk.  I followed the other agent, a few minutes behind him, and after encountering a huge construction delay on the William Floyd Parkway pulled up in front of the prospect’s house.  The other agent’s car was there, although he’d already gone inside.  Perhaps he should have waited for me, but that may just not  be his style.  It doesn’t matter.  In any event, I knocked on the door of the house, and waited … and waited.  A couple of minutes elapsed, I knocked again a few times, no answer.  I had the other agent’s phone number ( he didn’t have mine), but decided against calling.  It might have been that the prospect didn’t want another agent present, even as an observer, because it would seem like he or she was being double-teamed and put under too much pressure.  I’ve heard of such things.  Because I was going along only as an observer, with no commission split, I decided that it was best not to call and risk putting another agent’s sale at risk, so I just left.  Later in the day I spoke with the other agent, it turns out he was talking with the prospect on the back patio where they couldn’t hear anyone at the door.  He figured I had turned around earlier because of the traffic jams.  He has two more appointments tomorrow evening, and I’ll be going with him on those instead.

Gym: what with a sore throat and a general rundown sensation, I almost didn’t go, in fact had I not missed three days last week I definitely would not have gone.  As it turned out I just had a short session, a one-mile run on the treadmill at 5.2 mph followed by 15 minutes ellipting.

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