Thursday, July 29

Making lemonade out of lemons

Not having any agent-shadowing on the schedule for today, I went to the gym in mid-afternoon.  It was my intention to do some bench pressing,  but on the very first warmup rep at 135 there was some relatively minor pain in my right shoulder.  No idea what could have caused it.  Although the pain was fairly trivial, I knew that it would be much worse at heavier weights, and decided to skip benching for today.  Making the best of a bad situation, I decided to do some lower-body work, including deadlifts and squats.  As it’s been a while since I’ve done either exercise I kept the weights and the total rep counts fairly low.  Next time I’ll pick up in both respects.  Deadlifts: 4 x 6 x 225.  Squats: 3 x 6 x 225.  Life Fitness seated leg curls: 3 x 8 x 185.  Precor leg extensions: 3 x 8 x 190.  Seated calf raises:  3 x 12 x 140.

Oh, speaking of lemons (well, not quite), I found out that the cost of transmission repairs on my car will be either $1,350 or 1, 100, depending on whether the flywheel has to be replaced.  Wonderful.

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