Wednesday, August 18

Seeing more of the East End

Today’s travels took me to Riverhead, the seat of Suffolk County and the largest city in the eastern part of the county.  It’s the site of an enormous outlet mall and has a heavily attended fair each October.  One thing I’d never really noticed is the unusual nature of downtown Riverhead.  It’s a nicely preserved downtown, lined with well-maintained brick building that probably date to the 1880-1920 period for the most part.  That in itself is not so unusual.  What is unusual is that the area is not at all quaint or cutesy.  At least in the Northeast, most preserved older downtowns have (too many) expensive boutiques, gourmet cupcake parlors, too-trendy independent coffee shops, Reiki practitioners, you name it.  As best I could tell downtown Riverhead has little or nothing of that sort.  The downside, as you might guess, is that there are quite a few vacant storefronts, though most of the buildings are in decent shape.  So far. 

My appointment in Riverhead turned out to be better than expected, but not as good as it could have been.  As originally planned I was just supposed to pick up a check from a sale that the manager had done yesterday as part of a company training program.  I hadn’t been there yesterday and wasn’t going to get any of the commission, I had agreed to pick up the check because I was going to be in the area anyway.  The policy had been for a married couple, and while the husband was at work today the wife was able to meet me to give me the check.  While talking to her, I found out that she was ineligible for the type of policy in question – from what I can gather, the husband did not tell the manager of his wife’s ineligibility at yesterday’s sale, this being a simple, non-blameworthy omission and not something at all unusal.  I had to rip up the policy and write a new one for the husband alone.  Although he wasn’t present, his wife was able to sign on his behalf.  What this meant is that I got the commission for the sale.  Granted, it is nothing huge, but it’s better than the goose egg I otherwise would have gotten.  While I was preparing the new policy the woman said that she’d like to pay for a life insurance policy on her adult son.  That would mean another commission for me, one quite a bit larger than the one for the new policy on the husband.  Unfortunately, I found out that the son was ineligible for any policies, for the same reason as his mother.  I ended up leaving with a larger commission than I had been expecting – okay, that’s not saying much seeing as how I’d been expecting nothing – but not as much as I could have gotten had I written the son’s policy.  I did more canvassing in the same town as yesterday, setting up a very promising-looking appointment for a week from Saturday (I know, chickens, eggs, counting, all that), and later in the afternoon sold a policy not too far from where I live for a very nice commission.  I don’t yet know what Thursday and Friday will bring, but so far this week’s earnings are at a solidly middle-class level if not like last week’s bonanza.  I should be able to get a small bonus, making this the third bonus week in a row.

Gym: still just doing the stationary cycle, this time for 40 minutes at 19.5 mph.  Next week my schedule should be more regular and I’ll be able to get back to weights.

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