Friday, August 20

Can’t you at least tell me in person?

No sales today, which is what I expected.  It wasn’t a complete loss, however, as I set a couple of appointments for next week, and one in particular sounds reasonably promising.  I spent several hours driving around the East End, including a foray into Range Rover Land, calling on policyholders in person.  When no one was home I left “door hanger” notices along with my business card.  Some other agents have said this works quite well for them, I’ll have to see.  There was one major setback, when I called on a business for which ABC Insurance has written nine or ten employee policies.  Some of the policies have lapsed and the existing ones no longer have up-to-date benefit levels, so I figured that it was a very promising stop.  It could well lead to several new policies with nice commissions.  I’ve been past the business a number of times, and a large new addition to the building is evidence that it’s doing well.

I stopped in explained my business to the receptionist.  She took my card and went to speak with the office manager.  A few minutes later, the receptionist came back and said that the office manager was not interested, but that she’d keep my card in case things changed.  Now, I can fully understand that the business might not be interested in getting any new policies.  They might have spent so much money on the addition that there are no extra funds for insurance, a competitor (quack quack!) might be servicing them, or they simply don’t want to offer this type of benefit for employees any longer.  What annoyed me no end is that the office manager did not deign to come out and tell me herself, instead letting the receptionist do the dirty work.  Either she’s too cowardly to face me, or too lazy, whatever the case it reflects very poorly on her.  Of course it’s me who doesn’t end up making any money on the call. 

Gym: I ellipted tonight for a change, a fast pace for 40 minutes at moderate resistance.

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    i love your site

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