Saturday, August 21/Sunday, August 22

Some telephone work on Saturday, I actually was able to break through the voicemail trap and talk to some real people.  Didn’t get any appointments, unfortunately.  All of the people I spoke to had lapsed policies, and all of them had let the policies lapse for various reasons. None were interested in new policies.  Next week I’ll try working some active leads, in other words people with older existing policies.  They m.ight be interested in upgrading, and of course because they have current policies I can call without having to check to see if they’re on the Do Not Call registry

Thirty minutes on the stationary cycle on Saturday, at a very nice pace of 20.1 mph.  For the first time in too long I ran on the treadmill on Sunday.  I can’t say exactly how long I ran because the first treadmill shut down suddenly, and I had covered the time and distance display with my gym towel.  As far as I could tell I had been on it for somewhere between a half and three-quarters mile at 5.0 mph.  I switched to another treadmill and did 1.2 miles at 5.0 mph, so in total I probably did around 1.75 to 1.9 miles.

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