Monday, August 23

Attitudes vs. eligibility

Another no-sale day, unfortunately.  It wasn’t a total loss as I made a couple of appointments for later in the week.  One in particular seems reasonably promising.  It wasn’t a particularly long workday, starting at 9 and being done shortly after 6, and was about evenly split between office and field work.  All of the field work took place in a relatively small geographic area in central-eastern Suffolk, so at least I didn’t spend a fortune on gasoline.

In the mid-afternoon I made a sales call on a woman who had inquired about life insurance.  That sounded fine to me, as next to disability policies life policies tend to have the highest premiums and hence the largest commissions.  In sharp contrast to so many prospects, this woman was very pleasant and appreciative.  The bad news is that I quickly found out she was ineligible for life insurance, on multiple different grounds.  She wants me to call her next week about some other policies for family members, so the visit might not be a total loss, even so it’s amusing in a way that a person with such a pleasant attitude turns out to be ineligible.  Can’t win.

Other things intervened, so no gym tonight.

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  1. Keep the faith. Set goals and stick to them!

  2. Thanks. One thing about this business is that sometimes everything goes right, and sometimes everything goes wrong. What you’ve got to hope for is that the “rights” outnumber the “wrongs”

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