Wednesday, August 25

Human extinction = a worthy goal

Today began with high expectations.  After two days of zero sales, I figured that today would prove much better.  On this, my final day going around with the manager, there were four scheduled appointments, and all of them had been scheduled or confirmed within the past 48 hours.  After a regular training session in the office, I headed off by myself to one appointment not far away.  I knocked on the door, and waited … and waited … and waited.  After a few minutes I threw in the towel and left.  Either the prospect hadn’t shown up, or she was home but wouldn’t open the door (“porching”).  She had definitely been on the strange side when I had called her on Monday to schedule the appointment, so it didn’t totally surprise me that she failed to keep the appointment.  Later during the day the manager got her on the phone and said she was barely coherent.  I’m not even going to try to reschedule.

After meeting up with the manager I found out that the day’s second appointment had been canceled at the prospect’s request.  At least the prospect had had the courtesy to call and cancel, though he did not give a reason for canceling and did not want to set another date.  Count this one as another lost sale.  We then headed off to an appointment in western Suffolk.  In this case, the prospect was looking for life insurance, which was good to hear because the premiums and hence the commissions for that type of insurance can be fairly high.  We got to the house, rang the doorbell, and waited for over a minute before a teenage boy opened the door.  With an almost comically sullen attitude he told us that his father (the prospect) had left sometime earlier, and he had no idea when he would return.  Keep in mind that the manager had confirmed the date and time less than 24 hours earlier.  During the course of the day both the manager and I tried to call the prospect, and of course got voicemailed each time.  Three out of four appointments down the drain.

Our fourth and final appointment was in central Suffolk at the unusually late hour of 8:30.  We spent a few hours calling on some existing customers to see if any were interested in upgrading their coverage.  One person was interested but had no money, another was angry that we had contacted her, and another said that the three weeks she had been considering our new policy wasn’t enough for her to decide, could we call her back in March?  I will add that in the last case, the policy that will require more than six months’ consideration costs less than four dollars a week.  Back to the 8:30 appointment.  We were meeting so late at the prospect’s insistence, he had said there was no other free time.  Hey, he was looking for a sizable disability policy, with a premium and commission that would make working so late very much worth my while.  When we arrived at the house, the prospect came to the door with a distinctly unfriendly look on his face.  He told us in a condescending manner that he had company over and couldn’t meet with us.  I found myself completely at a loss for words.  The manager spoke up, telling the prospect in no certain terms that we had agreed to come so late at his insistence, that they had confirmed the appointment just the day before, and finally that company notwithstanding the prospect should have the decency to meet with us.  No luck.  I was taken completely aback at the prospect’s rude attitude.

So that was my day.  Four appointments fallen through, zero sales, and whatever lingering beliefs I might have had in the basic decency of the human race have vanished like snow in June.  As I’m doing field canvassing tomorrow and will be involved in non-work activities on Friday, the chances are all too high that I’ll finish the week with no sales and no commissions at all.  My sole income for the week will be my meager training salary.  I have an appointment on Saturday, which counts as part of this week, so there’s still a possibility that I’ll have one sale.  But this is definitely going to be a week to forget.  It’s really almost comical, how everything can go so utterly wrong at times.

What with the late (non)appointment, I wasn’t able to go to the gym, the third day in a row that I’ve missed.  So wonderful.

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