Monday, September 13

Betcha didn’t know “wife” is a verb

Today began in the usual Monday fashion with the weekly meeting at the office.  For one reason or another I didn’t leave the house until 8:30, with the meeting scheduled to start at nine.  Thirty minutes might sound like more than enough time to make the 6- or 7-mile drive, but if Expressway traffic is heavy all bets are off.  I was lucky, as traffic was moving at a decent enough clip.  My Expressway journey, from exits 64 to 60, couldn’t have taken much over five minutes.  During the meeting I arranged to go canvassing with another manager on Thursday.  We had been scheduled to do it on Friday but something had come up with his plans.  I’m really looking forward to going.

Shortly after noon I headed up to eastern Suffolk for my four scheduled appointments.  The first one was a no-show; the customer’s 20ish son answered the door and said that his father was at the doctor’s, as he had appointments all day.  I’ll try to reschedule in a day or two.  Of course, the fact that the customer is running around to doctors may not bode well for his insurability.  The second appointment, a follow-up on a presentation I had made a couple of weeks ago, was when I got wifed.  In other words, the customer said that he really wanted the policy, but his wife had told him “we already have enough insurance” and therefore he couldn’t buy anything.  Wifing is not at all an uncommon event.  It’s sort of counterintuitive, as women tend to be more cautious than men and therefore at least in theory should be more open to buying insurance.  But no, wifing happens, and for the record “husbanding” is much less common.

My third appointment ended up canceling due to work-related delays.  This isn’t too much of a setback because the customer’s wife called in advance, and said that her husband wanted to reschedule.  They’re really pleasant people and I should have no trouble setting another date in the next day or two.  It was on my fourth appointment that I finally made a sale, breaking this seemingly endless dry spell.  It was for the type of policy that carries the highest commissions, although it was for a relatively small face amount.  I was set to sell another policy to the customer’s husband, but alas he was uninsurable.  There are some underwriting questions with respect to the customer herself, involving income eligibility, but I’m reasonably confident those can be worked out and the policy issued.  Even with the smallish face amount and my inability to sell anything to the husband, I still ended up making a decent amount for a day’s work.

Gym: too worn out

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