Tuesday, September 14

Condensed version

Not enough time to write a full version of how my day went.  So here is a quick version:

– Got a lapsed lead on the telephone and had to listen to his frequently obscene tirade against ABC Insurance.  Guess that’s one sale I won’t be making.

– Went on an appointment, whereupon the husband and wife spent 30 minutes bickering.  Wife finally bought a policy, one that paid a decent if not spectacular commission.  Just over 12 hours later I found out that the policy couldn’t be issued.  My decent if not spectacular commission promptly dropped to zero.  Lovely.

– Encountered a major traffic jam on the Sunrise Highway.  The police had closed it at the exit I use, which meant at least a mile of crawling traffic heading up to the exit.

– Ran 2.2 miles on the treadmill at 4.6 mph.  The only decent thing to report on this otherwise wretched day.

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