Saturday, September 18

A discourse on my ego: can something that’s already been completely destroyed be damaged even further?

Today turned out to be a partial workday, as my manager texted me in the late morning and asked if I wanted to go on an appointment with him not too far from where I live. We got to the prospective customer’s house at 1:00 as scheduled, and – what a surprise! – no one was home.  For the next couple of hours we tried calling on some active customers in the area.  You’d think that Saturday afternoons are a good time to catch people at home, and you’d be wrong.  Not all was lost, as the manager gave me the lead cards for these people and I can try them during the week.  It’ll be nice having some calls just a short distance away.  Around 3:30 we returned to the house where we had the 1:00 appointment, and while the customer wasn’t home we were able to speak with his wife.  She seemed interested in the idea of his getting a disability policy.  He had been called away on an emergency job (he is in the home-repair business) but should be available on Monday evening.  Now, it’s best not to get too excited, as the wife also told us that earlier in the day he had been at the doctor’s office undergoing heart tests.  Any history of heart disease is an automatic rejection for purposes of disability insurance, though I don’t yet know the nature of the tests.

Oh, as for the further destruction of my already annihilated ego … a few weeks ago I had made a presentation to a 50-something couple, both of whom were interested in disability policies.  Given their ages and the large policies they were seeking, my commission could be in excess of $2,000.  Unfortunately, both gave us the standard “let us think about it” response, and after we left the manager (who had observed my presentation) said he had seen no buy signals at all.  Subsequent attempts at calling them have been voicemailed, and as they live in a gated community I can’t drop by unannounced to see them in person.

I decided to make one more attempt at calling the couple.  When the voicemail message came on I just hung up without leaving a message.  Shortly thereafter I got a text from their number asking “what’s up?”  They must have seen my number on their caller ID and wondered what it was about.  I immediately texted back, reminding them of the recent presentation and asking for a return call or text letting me know what they’ve decided.  It should go completely without question that no one bothered to respond.  Apparently, texting back “thanks, we’re not interested” is just too time-consuming for their busy schedule.  That sound you hear is my ego, plummeting into the Abyss.

Gym: leg day today, with another weight increase from last time.  Trap bar deadlifts: 4 x 6 x 265.  Seated calf raises: 4 x 10 x 160.  Precor leg extensions: 4 x 8 x 205.  Life Fitness seated leg curls: 4 x 8 x 197.5.  Neutral grip pull-ups: 3 x 4.

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