Wednesday, September 22

Where have I heard that line before?

Today began with a fairly lengthy training session in the office.   I was a bit concerned about making it by the 9:00 start time, as I got a fairly late start leaving the house, but Expressway traffic was much lighter than I ever would have expected.  Where was everybody?  The training session was a pretty good one, as we went over the disability insurance product, which is basically ABC Insurance’s flagship product.  Not to mention the one with the highest premiums and highest commissions.  Following the training session I went with a manager and another agent to do some business canvassing in a reasonably affluent central Suffolk community.  I’m not a complete neophyte at business canvassing, as I had done a limited amount of it when I was at XYZ Insurance.  It hadn’t been successful at the time, which isn’t surprising because XYZ’s product line was pretty much limited to life insurance, something that’s hard to sell to business owners.  ABC Insurance offers many other products, especially the disability policy, which are more suitable for them.

The business canvassing went reasonably well, no on-the-spot sales (not that I was expecting any) but some decent leads for next week.  It also had a dose of humor, or bemusement to be more precise.  One of our last stops was at a rather upscale-looking restaurant.  The manager seemed interested, but said that any insurance purchasing decisions would have to be made by the people at the corporate office.  When I asked her for the location of the corporate office, she said that they were in the process of moving and “really don’t have an address right now.”  Something sounded familiar.  Later on it occurred to me – when doing business canvassing for XYZ Insurance some months ago I heard the very same “between addresses” line at another, completely different business.  This must be the business equivalent of The Dog Ate My Homework.  It’s a pretty lame excuse, too – since when does a business not have an address, even if they’re in the process of moving?

After the canvassing I spent some time trying to track down a few people, and then worked the phone for a while.  I set what sounds like a pretty solid appointment for tomorrow, and got a totally cliched brush off (“I’ll call you as soon as I get home and check my schedule”) from another person.  Really, if you’re too cowardly to say that you’re not interested, and feel compelled to lie, at least say something semi-original.  Deal?

Gym: I was very pleased with my bench press work.  6 x 135, 4 x 185, 4 x 205, 6 x 4 x 225, 4 x 3 x 225.  That’s 36 total reps at 225, I hoping to manage 10 x 4 before long.  After the benching I tried some neutral grip pull-ups, with limited success: 1 x 4, 4 x 3.

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