Friday, September 24

Why “let me” is such a popular phrase

Let’s assume that you are somewhat cowardly and somewhat passive-aggressive, with “somewhat” being the key word.  Your cowardliness and passive-aggressiveness do not quite reach pathological levels.  “Let me” is the perfect expression for you, for use in one of those things I utterly detest hearing: Let me think about it, Let me talk it over with my wife, Let me check my schedule and get back to you. By using the “let me” phraseology you can fit comfortably into your “somewhat” notch.  This may be easier to understand by considering other ways of expressing the same sentiment.  Saying something firm and direct such as  I have to think about it/talk it over with my wife/check my schedule and get back to you wouldn’t be possible, as that would require more courage and less passive-aggressiveness than you have.  On the other hand, you have enough courage and non-passive-aggressiveness (is that a real term?) that you don’t have to resort to terminology as meek and non-assertive as Can I think about it/talk it over with my wife/check my schedule and get back to you. You’re in that middle ground where you can’t quite make a direct, assertive statement but aren’t so bad off that you have to seek everyone’s permission.  It looks like being in the insurance business for a few months has taught me far more about human nature than working at office-based jobs for years and years.  Of course, what it’s taught me about human nature isn’t necessarily a good lesson …

I did a bit of canvassing today but concentrated on telephone work.  Not much accomplished, as I’ve finally exhausted the last round of active and lapsed cards.  I’ll be getting a few more on Monday and a bigger pile toward the end of the week.  In any event, I’m relying a lot less on working the cards and more on canvassing.  There were a number of administrative things to do in the office, and I finished up around 4:30.  Thanks to yesterday’s high-commission sale it’s been a fairly decent week in money terms.  Hopefully next week will turn out decent too.

Gym: I ran 2 miles on the treadmill at my usual pace of 4.6 mph.  Most likely I’ll be taking a week off from weights, it’s been a while since the last time, and concentrate instead on running.

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