Monday, September 27

Yep, it was anything but guaranteed

My expectations were pretty high today.  At 11:30 I had a sales call scheduled, and it was a Guaranteed Sure Thing.  Another agent and I had spoken to the prospective customer a couple of weeks ago while canvassing the area.  She had been very nice and quite interested in some of our policies.  Even though I’d be splitting commissions with the other agent it still promised to be a lucrative call.  Terrific way to start the week, right?

I left home about 8:10 for the regular weekly agents’ meeting.  Traffic on the Expressway was moderately heavy but moving, and I had uncommonly good luck at a traffic light near the office where I often get stuck for an eternity.  All this meant that I arrived over 20 minutes early for the 9:00 meeting and spent some time in the car checking my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  The meeting itself was fairly interesting, though I could scarcely wait for it to end around 11 so I could head off to the sales call.

When I pulled up to the prospect’s house the other agent was already there, and as we walked toward the front door the prospect came out with some news.  It was not good news.  Turns out that she checked her family files and found out that she already had more than enough coverage through her husband’s job.  Some of this coverage was actually with ABC Insurance.  She didn’t need anything else.  As we headed back to our cars the other agent said that things of this sort are an inevitable part of the business.  He didn’t seem perturbed, which makes sense because he had twelve other sales calls scheduled for the next few days.  I have fewer than twelve scheduled for this week, more specifically, I have zero scheduled.  This certainly gives me the right to be a bit perturbed.

The rest of the day did not bring any sort of redemption.  It was raining quite heavily at times, and I decided that canvassing would have to wait until tomorrow.  Instead I worked the phones for a lengthy period of time, trying to call active and lapsed customers to see if any would be interested in meeting with me.  Whether anyone would be interested I can’t say, because I ended up getting a nearly uninterrupted stream of voicemail.  All I can hope is that tomorrow will be more successful.  It hardly can be any worse.  And at least I’ve learned one thing, that until the application is signed and the check handed over, there is no such beast as a Guaranteed Sure Thing.

Oh, by the time I got to the gym, late in the evening, I was so worn out that all I could manage was to walk on the treadmill.  What a humiliation.

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