Tuesday, September 28

My aching head

Today didn’t rank as one of my better days.  About the only saving grace was that I did some canvassing reasonably close to home.  For much of the day I had a largely aspirin-resistant headache that was never quite bad enough to be incapacitating, but definitely was bad enough to be annoying.  The canvassing was relatively successful, as I set a couple of appointments for sales presentations next week.  Still, I would have liked an actual sale, to make up for yesterday’s Guaranteed Sure Thing that wasn’t.  For a bit of semi-comic relief, I had another policyholder yell at me over the telephone.  He was so loud and irate that I wasn’t able to find out why he was so angry.  Chances are he had filed a claim that got denied, there’s really nothing else that would cause such intense hatred, but he didn’t give me the chance to see if there was anything I could do to help.  His loss.

What with this headache, no gym tonight.

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