Wednesday, October 20

A tale of two geese

My two-day string of doing relatively little driving came to an abrupt end today.  I started out with the weekly new agents’ meeting in the office, arriving barely in the nick of time on account of heavy Expressway traffic and wretched luck at traffic lights.  Lateness is not tolerated, and for the last mile or so I kept an anxious eye on the dashboard clock.  Following the meeting I went back home and didn’t do much of anything for the next few hours.  In the mid-afternoon, however, it was off to the roads for what turned out to be almost 150 miles of driving.  I did basically a counterclockwise circuit of eastern Suffolk County and called on 14 active or recently lapsed customers.  Or tried to call on them, I should say.  Several of the addresses turned out to be nonexistent, with no matching house numbers to be found, and a couple of the houses I did find looked abandoned.  The telephone numbers were either no longer in service, or wrong numbers.  While it might be possible to track down some of these “missing” customers using contact information from the customer service department, it probably isn’t worth bothering.  For all my driving, I only succeeded in making contact with two people.  One of them didn’t want to be bothered.  The other seemed interested at first, but when I tried to schedule a time to meet with her and her husband she said they had no time at all because their kids are involved in sports activities.  “I have your card, I’ll call you,” she said.  A reasonable guess is that the chances of my receiving such a call are about one in five hundred quadrillion, give or take a million.

Oh, the two geese?  Well, today I went on a wild goose chase, and earned a goose egg.  Hence the two geese.

Gym: I’m still having some shoulder soreness, not anything that bothers me at other times but which does interfere with bench pressing and pull-ups.  Accordingly, I did more work on the stationary cycle, 40 minutes on a hill-climber course at 18.8 mph.

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