Thursday, October 21

More driving, better results

Day Two of Driving All Over the Place.  At least this time it wasn’t like yesterday’s proverbial wild goose chase.  It started out with a fairly short training session at the nearby fast food joint.  I know this sounds hopelessly downscale, but it makes sense.  There aren’t many places where five or six people can meet for an hour or so without having to plan it out well in advance.  Most libraries have public-use meeting rooms, but those require advanced sign-up.  The local mall’s food court might work, but it isn’t as conveniently located.  This particular fast-food joint is centrally located for the agents who attend, has plenty of room, and no one bothers us.

After the meeting I headed off to a sales call in a semi-rural part of central Suffolk.  I say semi-rural because even though the immediate neighbors of the customer’s house are woods and farm fields, there are several housing subdivisions within no more than a half-mile.  One sort of gets the idea that if and when the housing market picks up significantly the nearby farm field’s days will be numbered.  Not that I was concerned with such issues, my focus was on the sales call.  It turned out very well indeed, with a sale that should yield a nice commission.  It was my first sale of a life insurance policy. In addition to this sale, I spoke with a friend of the policyholder’s wife who was present, and may be able to sell something to her too.

Once this sale was completed, I headed back home for a couple hours before heading out to an evening sales call in eastern Suffolk.  Google Maps wasn’t particularly helpful, showing the area in which the customer’s house was located but not the actual street.  Trying to find the street in the dark was not easy, but fortunately I had left plenty of time and despite the delay made it to their house right on time.  Being late in this business is a very big no-no.  As things turned out, I didn’t end up making  a sale this time, but helped the customers with making a claim on their existing policy and dealing with some billing issues.  Providing helpful service of this sort lays the groundwork for future sales even if it doesn’t produce immediate results. All of this took over 90 minutes, so by the time I got home it was close to 9:30 and I just didn’t have any enthusiasm for going to the gym.  Looking back, it would have been better to have gone during the time I had off in the afternoon.

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