Friday, October 22

Customer service

Being an insurance agent is not all about selling.  Dealing with claims and other customer service issues is also a major part of the job.  Today was a prime example, as I spent a couple of hours dealing with a customer’s disability claim.  It was much more complicated than usual because he had three policies that applied, all having been purchased at different times in the past and all having different terms and benefit levels.  Eventually everything got straightened out, and he should start getting some fairly substantial payments in the next couple of weeks.  Now, I didn’t get any money for helping with the claim, but on the other hand if any of the customer’s friends or family members might be in the market for disability insurance he’ll be sure to recommend me.  In addition, I spent part of the time at his workplace getting information on the disability-causing incident, which means that his co-workers know what I do.  I’ll stop back at the workplace in a week or two, and with any luck will sell a policy or two.

Not much else happened today, as I had to be back in the office in the early afternoon for another training session and a review of the week’s sales.  It was fairly late in the afternoon when I got out, too late for any meaningful business canvassing, though I made some calls to existing customers.  Not much success to report, unfortunately.

Gym: still on the stationary-cycle routine, this time I did 40 minutes on a programmed hill-climbing routine, at just under 19 mph.

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