Tuesday, October 26

Vanished into thin air

Today was similar in some respects to yesterday.  While there was no morning meeting in the office, I spent the later morning and much of the afternoon doing lapsed-customer canvassing with the same agent as yesterday, in the same town as yesterday.  We concentrated mainly on business rather than residential calls. Some people are home during the workday, but not really enough to make residential canvassing worthwhile. Not that today’s results were particular good.  We made a fairly lengthy presentation to a business owners whose policies had lapsed about a year ago.  There had been a change in the method of collecting premiums, and he said that he had never been notified of the change and therefore did not pay the premiums in time to keep the policies from lapsing.   I later found out that the home office had sent three advance notification letters to all policyholders who were to be affected by the change.  Most likely, this customer did not bother to open his mail.  In any event, he gave us a bit of an attitude, even though he had not suffered any losses and therefore was not adversely affected by the lapse in any way.  It came as absolutely no surprise when he responded to the presentation with – yep, you guessed it! – “let me think about it.”

Despite this failed presentation I wasn’t too concerned, as I had two sales calls scheduled for the late afternoon and the early evening.  One of them looked quite promising and the other was at least a reasonable shot.  Trouble is, a “scheduled” sales call is very, very different from an actual sales call.  Both customers ending up canceling at the last minute.  One of them said something about being busy with work and the other didn’t give a reason.  One thing I learned very quickly in this business is that meeting with the insurance agent is pretty much dead last on most peoples’ priority lists.  It ranks a few steps below cleaning the goldfish tank or sweeping leaves off the patio.  Unless, of course, they have suffered a loss and want help with filing a claim, in which case they want you over right away! The end result is that I didn’t make anything today, fortunately tomorrow’s schedule looks more promising.  Time will tell.

Gym: nothing much today, just a 35-minute hill course on the stationary cycle at 19.1 mph.

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