Wednesday, October 27

Really dragging

I don’t know what I had today, but whatever it was, it was not pleasant.  My energy level was several notches below that of roadkill.  Walking across the room was like wading through waist-deep, slowly hardening concrete.  How I made it into the office for a 9:00 training session, I’ll never know.  Heavy Expressway traffic did not make matters any easier.  According to the clock, the session lasted only a little over 90 minutes, but it seemed to be at least three to four hours long.  I went back home and basically just hung around, so worn out I didn’t even try to make any telephone calls to prospective customers … though if I had, of course it would have been voice mail after voice mail.  Later in the afternoon I regained just enough energy to do some more canvassing with another agent.  We were planning to go from about 5 to 7:30, figuring that more people would be home.  After getting a couple of decent-sounding possibilities early on, we had to call it quits by 6:30 or so because it was getting almost impossible to find addresses.  Most of the streets in the area were unlighted, with heavy tree cover, and it was very difficult to see street numbers – the GPS isn’t quite precise enough to lead one to the exact address.

Clearly, I was in no shape for the gym today.

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