Thursday, October 28

The (temporary) therapeutic value of success

Still really dragging this morning.  My energy level was low, if not quite in yesterday’s abyss.  I didn’t do much of anything until about noon, at which point I made a couple of calls on active customers in the vicinity.  No luck to report, but I didn’t mind too much because in the early afternoon I was meeting another agent for a scheduled sales call at a business.  He had set it up and said it looked very promising.  We met at the office around 2:00 and I took the opportunity to replenish some of my form supplies.  Because agents for ABC Insurance work on the road most of the time, our cars are in essence mobile offices.  We have to make sure that we have enough of the 20-odd brochures and forms that might be required for any particular sale.

We headed off to the sales call, which is in western Suffolk, not in our usual territory.  It was all right to go there because it had been based on a referral from an in-territory customer.  The call was at a family-run smaller business, and went just about as well as could be imagined.  There was very little selling involved, as the family members knew pretty much what they wanted and were all set to go.  They paid for the entire year for each one of the several policies they bought, in some cases paying cash.  The other agent and I left with some pretty nice commissions, and all I could think of is how one super-easy sale like this almost makes me forget all the “let me think about it” calls.  Almost.

The energy boost provided by this nice-and-easy sale proved transitory.  The other agent and I went back into our usual territory for some lapsed-lead canvassing, though what with heavy rush hour traffic we didn’t get started until almost 5:30 and therefore didn’t have long to go until it got dark.  Darkness makes it much harder to find street numbers, as I noted the other day.  After about 90 minutes we called it a day and I headed back home.  I really wanted to go to the gym tonight, as I wasn’t able to go yesterday and won’t have the opportunity tomorrow, but there was just no way.

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