Wednesday, November 3

The seventh time’s not the charm

Back in early September, when I was out making sales calls on my own for the first time, one of my earliest calls was on an automotive-related business in central Suffolk.  At one time ABC Insurance had policies on the owner and three or four employees, but earlier this year all of the policies had lapsed except for one employee’s.  When I called on the owner he seemed at least somewhat interested in the idea of a few new policies.  Nothing huge, maybe a total of $75 to $100 in monthly premiums.  He said that he wasn’t ready to decide just yet, among other things he wanted to talk to a financial backer who lived in another state, and asked me to check back in a couple of week.  I did.  The owner still wasn’t ready, he was comparing various options and running some numbers, and wanted me to return, once again in a couple of weeks.  This went on again and again.  Each time I’d come back, the owner said he was still figuring out the proper course of action.  The last time I was there, the week before last, I spent over an hour helping the employee with the still-valid policy file a claim.  It was getting to the point that the two women who worked in the business office knew me by name.

You can figure out the rest of the story, right?  After a morning training session in the office, I headed out to this business, hoping against hope that the owner had finally come to a decision, and it would be a “yes” decision.  I was half right.  At long last, Mr. Indecisive had finally come to a decision … and it was a resounding “no.”  My seven trips to this business ended up accomplishing nothing.  To add insult to injury, the owner noted with some disapproval that the policies I was offering were about 15% to 20% more expensive than the lapsed ones.  Well, duh.  Leaving aside the fact that the new policies offer enhanced benefits, the lapsed policies had been issued over ten years ago.  I really wish I could have asked him whether his rates for auto-related services are the same today as they were ten years ago.

It’s truism that success begets success and that failure begets failure.  After falling flat on my face at this business, the rest of my day was a flop too.  I tried calling on some active customers and got nowhere.  While I could have tried making some evening residential calls, I figured the day was cursed, and called it quits in the late afternoon.  Oh, I was in so foul a mood I couldn’t even think about going to the gym.

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