Thursday, November 4

The missing persons brigade

I spent most of today driving around the county-seat city in eastern Suffolk calling on active and lapsed customers.  Or trying to call on them.  More than a few of them proved impossible to locate.  The addresses did not exist, and their telephone numbers were not in service.  In a typical case, the listed address might be 52 Elm Street, but the numbers do not run in sequence on that street and there is a gap from 46 to 54.  Number 52 does not exist. Either there is some sort of glitch in our records or the city in question renumbered its streets at some point.  Whatever the case, it was more than a little frustrating, although I managed to schedule a sales call for next week.  It’s with a business owner, and has the potential for being promising.

I am not looking forward to the upcoming end of Daylight Savings Time.  Residential canvassing doesn’t make much sense unless it’s done in the early evening when people have come home from work.  Soon it will be dark at these times.  Darkness presents two problems from my perspective.  First of all, depending on the condition of street lighting it can be very difficult to find house numbers after dark.  A more significant point is that some people are reluctant to open their doors after dark.  This is especially true with respect to lapsed customers.  What I’ll probably end up doing is spending Saturday afternoons on the road, although even then it can be hard to catch people at home.


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