Tuesday, November 9

I have ESP!

Wow, I’ve always been a skeptical sort, and never thought I had any extrasensory powers – in fact, I never believed such powers even existed. My skepticism vanished in a split second at 9:30 this morning.  As a bit of background, I had a sales call scheduled for 11 a few towns away.  When my cell phone rang at 9:30 I knew, even before I answered it, what the call would be about.  It was the customer whom I was supposed to see in 90 minutes, muttering something about things that came up and how she had to leave and wouldn’t be back all day.  She didn’t give many details as to exactly what these “things” were, not that I was expecting any.  Or that what she said would bear even the slightest resemblance to the truth.  It fell to me to bring up the issue of rescheduling the sales call, and – another prediction! – she said that she’d be so busy but she had my card and would call me next week.  Of course the chances that she’ll actually call to reschedule are about the same as the chances you’ll find a unicorn munching the grass in your back yard. 

I went back home for a while, and starting in the mid-afternoon did some canvassing of lapsed customers in a central Suffolk community.  It wasn’t particularly successful; either people weren’t interested, or they were interested but didn’t have any money.  Things got especially complicated after dark, as most of this community lack street lights and finding house numbers was a real challenge. 

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