Wednesday, November 10

I heard that wonderful word

Imagine.  Someone actually said “no” today and it was like the sweetest music to my ears.  In the morning I went to a town in eastern Suffolk County to make a sales call on a business owner.  He had some questions about his existing coverage, and listened attentively when I described some additional coverage in which he might be interested.  When I finished my presentation, and asked if he were ready to make a decision, he thanked me for coming and for my help, but said that he did not want to purchase anything else.  No “let me think about it,” no “let me talk to my wife,” no “come back in a couple of weeks.”  It was a complete relief to hear a person being so  forthright that I didn’t even mind the fact that I hadn’t actually, you know, sold anything or made any money.

After returning from the sales call I came home and made some telephone calls, setting things up for later in the week.  As I had a late call scheduled, I decided to go to the gym in the early afternoon.  I ran for 20 minutes on the treadmill at 4.7 mph, which worked out to 1.56 miles, and then did 15 minutes on the stationary cycle on a hill course at just under 19 mph.  It turned out that the evening call ended up rescheduling for Friday, but it was nice in a way to go to the gym early.

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