Wednesday, November 17

Double session

Today began with a 9:00 training session in the office.  Now, you’d think that by 8:30, when I left the house, that the worst of rush hour traffic would have passed.  Usually that indeed is the case.  Unfortunately many people today didn’t get the message, as traffic was miserably slow almost the whole way.  I arrived ten minutes late, luckily it’s more acceptable to be late for these training sessions than it is for the Monday morning agents’ meetings.  It was a fairly useful session, we did role-playing on overcoming resistance.  Yes, one of the types of resistance was the dreaded “let me think about it,” though that’s one of the most difficult types to overcome.  I headed back home after the session because some workmen were coming over to replace our water heater.  They said that they’d be there at noon.  It was just past 1:20 when they showed up, in other words 90 minutes late, which in workman-speak is pretty close to being right on time.  They finished up around 4:30, and soon after I left for the hilly North Shore town where I’ve been working this week.  I spent a few hours calling on residential customers, stopping around 7:30 as is the recommended practice.  While on my rounds I saw a very strange sight: four cats and two raccoons all sitting around within a few feet of one another, each one seeming to ignore the others’ presence.

Gym: by the time I got home I was quite run-down, so I decided with some reluctance to skip tonight.

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