Thursday, November 25/Friday, November 26

Not being a morning exerciser type, I try to avoid going to the gym any earlier than late afternoon whenever possible.  On Thanksgiving it wasn’t possible as the gym was open only until noon.  Making the best of a bad situation, I went around 10:30 and had a short but reasonably decent upper-body session.  I started with neutral grip pull-ups, 6 x 4.  Instead of bench pressing I decided to mix things up and do some dips for the first time in months.  As it’s been so long I figured it wouldn’t be advisable to add weight, so I just did 10 x 4 x bodyweight.  Then it was back home to prepare for dinner, which included making a pumpkin pie (it turned out very well).  We ate in the evening after my wife got home from work, and while the turkey wasn’t bad, I had to spend much of the time slipping pieces to Sherbert the cat.  He ate an absurdly large amount of turkey and seemed to inhale it without chewing.  On Friday, I had to do some other things and wasn’t able to make any customer calls as I had planned.  Probably just as well, as what with it being Black Friday many people probably were out at the malls rather than staying at home.  I thought I’d be able to make it to the gym in the evening, but other obligations intervened.

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