Friday, December 3

Hardly spacious, but not too cramped

Today began with a meeting at the office which included both my office and the one in Nassau County. When we last had a joint meeting, a couple of months ago, about 35 people were in attendance, and it was a horribly tight squeeze.  As today about 40 to 45 people were expected, I was dreading a 3-hour Chamber of Horrors.  Things didn’t turn out to be quite so hideous.  Thanks to some careful seat and table arrangement, it was a tight but (just barely) tolerable fit.  What almost turned disastrous was that the bagels promised for 8:30 were still hors de combat at 8:45.  Concern among the meeting attendees was slowly approaching the panic level.  Thankfully, the bagels arrived at 8:50 and all was well.  The meeting itself lasted close to four hours, though it wasn’t too bad as some rather interesting topics were discussed in detail.  One of the topics covered the best way to present ABC Insurance’s current offerings to customers who have older policies that protect against different sorts of risks rather than merely having greater coverage amounts.  It can be difficult to persuade a customer to upgrade when the terms of coverage aren’t the same as what he or she already has.  This should be a bit easier now, based on what I learned.

After the meeting ended I went home for an hour or so, then headed off to a nearby community to make some customer calls.  These didn’t work out so well, nobody seemed to be around even when it was late enough for most people to have gotten home from work.  Two recently lapsed customers didn’t even live in the state any longer, according to other people at their addresses.  For some reason, this particular community seems to have more than its share of “no longer living here” customers.  There’s nothing about it that would lead one to believe that it has an unusually transient population.  I’ve pretty much exhausted my customer cards in this town, next week I have a couple of scheduled sales calls, and that’ll be it for a while.

Gym: yes, I finally dragged my lazy self back.  At first I was considering doing some upper-body work, but instead decided on some regular exercise.  And quite a bit, too.  I started out with a 22-minute run on the treadmill at 4.6 mph, which is about 1.7 miles, then did 16 minutes on the stationary cycle at 19.1 mph on the “Cascades” course, and finally ellipted for 22 minutes.  That’s an hour’s worth of exercise, which should help cut some unwanted avoirdupois.

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