Monday, December 6

Mini-crisis of confidence

Working in a commission-based occupation inevitably has its ups and downs.  Unless you’re absolutely bursting with confidence you’re going to have days when you endlessly question your occupational choice.  Today, as you may have surmised, was one of the those days for me.  Things got off to a fairly bad start when I encountered very heavy traffic on the way to the morning agent’s meeting.  Backups started at Exit 63 and, according to the message signs, continued to Exit 53.  Undoubtedly they continued well beyond that point, Exit 53 being the westernmost limit of the message sign indications in my area.  It took me a good ten minutes to get to Exit 62, a distance of maybe two miles, and then of course I ran into heavy traffic on the service road.  Even though I had left earlier than usual I arrived ten minutes late for the meeting, fortunately it got to a late start today.

What prompted my crisis of confidence was that today each agent had to get up and state his or her sales goals for the week, the rest of the month, and the first quarter of 2011.  Being one of the last to get up I was able to listen to what several other new agents said and base my predictions accordingly.  What bothered me was not the specific amounts, which in any event are not binding in any way, it’s that doing so brought back all these bad memories of failed sales calls.  Phrases such as Let me think about it, Let me talk it over with my wife, Let me check my schedule and get back to you, and Let me take your card and give you a call were running through my head like the Amazon River at flood stage.  I mean, I know full well that this business has at least a 95% rejection rate, and further that the commission structure is such that you can still make good money even with so many rejections.  The thing is, logic has a funny way of flying out the window at certain times.  What’s more, once I get in a bad mood things tend to snowball and I end up in an even worse mood no matter how much I try to change my outlook.  When things like this happen I’m better off not trying to fight it, and writing off the rest of the day as a loss.  That’s pretty much how the rest of today went, I did some calls on recently lapsed customers in a relatively nearby community but not as many as I should have done.  The fact that none of the calls were getting anywhere contributed to my bleak outlook, and that prompted me to stop my efforts in the late afternoon a couple hours earlier than planned.  Hopefully, tomorrow will bring a brighter outlook.

Oh, one more thing, I was in no mood to go to the gym.  Yet another instance of two missed days in a row.

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