Tuesday, December 7

A much better outlook

Yesterday’s crisis of confidence fortunately did not carry over until today.  Rather than lament the Ones that Got Away, today I did almost nine hours’ worth of customer calls.  In so doing I used up over a half-tank of gasoline (not pleasant at today’s prices) and covered a good percentage of eastern Suffolk County.  Things got off to a bad start on my very first call of the day.  I called on a business where a couple of employees and one of the co-owners have policies, and talked to the other co-owner.  He knew about ABC Insurance and seemed interested in getting a policy for himself.  When I took out my schedule book and asked about setting up a  date and time for me to return, things immediately took a turn for the worse.  He did not want to set a time, instead saying that he would give me a call in the near future.  Which means, of course, that I’ll never hear from him.  Thinking back on what happened, I probably misinterpreted his initial reaction, and in reality he displayed little or no interest.

Despite this setback I kept on making calls all day.  I didn’t make any sales, but got a couple of things lined up for next week.  In addition, I had the satisfaction of hearing a few people tell me that they weren’t interested, a very welcome relief to the usual litany of Let me think about it or (as with the first call) Let me get back to you on this. Forthright rejections are far more tolerable than evasive cowardly rejections.  Of course it could be argued that taking pleasure in a direct rejection is a sign of a raging inferiority complex or something of that ilk, but all I will say is that anyone who thinks that way will change his or her mind after hearing  Let me think about it enough times.

Gym: Finally!  After too long away I got back to doing weights, and to my pleasant surprise I didn’t seem to have lost any ground.  Bench press: 6 x 135, 4 x 185, 4 x 205, 10 x 3 x 225, 10 x 185.  I’ve done the 10 x 3 at 225 many times, but tonight it actually felt easier than usual.  Barbell rows: 4 x 8 x 175.  I decided to try these instead of pull-ups; 175 is fairly light, but I figured it was okay for an exercise I haven’t done in many months.  Overhead presses: 4 x 8 x 85.  Once again not much weight, but it will get better.

Postscript: to my extreme amazement, I found out that the customer who had given me the Let me talk it over with my wife response after a sales call two weeks ago now wants to get a policy.  This never happens.  I’m going to see him tomorrow evening, though I don’t yet know specifically what policy he wants.  All of the alternatives I had presented will provide me with a nice commission, so the type doesn’t really matter too much.

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