Wednesday, December 8

Role playing

Today’s weekly new agent meeting was a bit different than usual.  Instead of a classroom-style discussion of products and sales techniques we did some fairly extensive role playing.  Each of us had to select one policy type and spend a few minutes pointing out its highlights in a convincing fashion.  I somehow ended up going first, and selected the disability policy.  It turns out that I did quite well, according to the two managers who were overseeing the process, though one of them noted that I tend to talk in a monotone to some extent.  Still, I was pleased.

In the mid-afternoon I headed out to the city in eastern Suffolk where my evening sales call was scheduled.  I tried calling on some existing customers but wasn’t having much luck finding anyone.  As seems to be the case in this city, a few of the addresses I had turned out not to exist.  While doing this canvassing I found out that the customer for tonight’s call wants to postpone it to tomorrow.  Normally a postponement turns into a full cancellation, but this one should be okay because the customer himself suggested rescheduling it for tomorrow.

Gym: a 2-mile run on the treadmill at 4.6 mph, taking just over 26 minutes.

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