Thursday, December 9

Breaking the winless streak

Going a full week without making a single sale is not something I particularly care to contemplate.  As of this morning, however, I had fears that this week would turn out that way.  On Monday I had been in far too downcast a mood to do anything, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s canvassing produced some future possibilities but no immediate results, and I was starting to worry that yesterday’s postponed sales call would end up evaporating as so many do.  Starting in the early afternoon today I did more canvassing in eastern Suffolk and got nowhere.  A bad omen, surely, for the sales call.

To my very pleasant surprise, the customer never called to cancel the sales call, and when I arrived at his house at 7:45 as scheduled he actually was there and answered the door – in other words, I was not porched.  I had one last bit of concern because he seemed a bit distracted, but my worries were misplaced.  He ended up buying a policy that yielded a commission that won’t make this a particularly good week, but at least a reasonably decent one.  As the adage goes, one sale can make a week, and that was true for me.  Due to some paperwork snafus the sale took longer than I expected, so by the time I got home it was a bit too late for the gym.  A minor issue.

Housekeeping note: I’ve made three additions to the blogroll, namely Maria the Problem, Twelve Mile Circle, and Connecticut Museum Quest.  Check them out.

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