Monday, December 13

A strange place for tumbledown shacks

Today began with the regular Monday agents’ meeting.  It was a bit shorter than usual but reasonably interesting, in particular I got some tips on selling to lapsed customers.  Some agents have had modest success selling to these customers, I’m not among them. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever made such a sale.  Many lapsed customers are nowhere to be found, and the ones to whom I’ve spoken have all had good reasons for allowing their policies to lapse: no money, dissatisfied with the way claims were handled, get free or low-cost coverage through work, and so on.  Still, I’ll keep trying, especially as there’s a financial incentive.  Customers who have been lapsed for over a year are considered new customers, and for most policy types the commissions are 50% higher than for sales to existing customers. 

I stopped home briefly after the meeting and then headed out to eastern Suffolk to make some customer calls.  Traffic was no problem at all, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in contact with anyone.  A couple of businesses were no longer around, and in two other cases the businesses were still there but the policyholders weren’t in.  I also made a few residential calls, sometimes people are home during the day (not today), and one of these calls turned out rather strange.  The house was basically a tumbledown shack, and looked abandoned, and most of the other “houses” on the semi-rural street were similarly decrepit.  It was like a scene out of 1930’s Appalachia.  Now, the strange thing is that the town in which this Tobacco Road was located is famous nationwide, even worldwide, as a playground of the rich and famous.  I’ve previously referred to it as Range Rover Territory in homage to the vehicle of choice.  This particularly street was more like Rusted 1995 Plymouth Neon Territory.  There’s a sociological lesson here, though I can’t quite articulate it.   I headed home empty-handed, though the week is young, and as we often hear just one sale can make a week.  Westbound traffic on the Sunrise Highway was fairly heavy with the Tradesmen’s Parade of work trucks.

Gym: the much-delayed leg work that I wasn’t able to do yesterday?  I still didn’t do it.  This motivational issue is starting to worry me a bit, tomorrow for sure I’ll have to do the squats and/or trap bar deadlifts.  I ended up with a full hour of exercise, consisting of 10 minutes on the stationary cycle at 19 mph, then 22 minutes’ ellipting, followed by 28 minutes back on the stationary cycle at 18.7 mph.  My knees were a bit sore so I decided against running on the treadmill.

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