Tuesday, December 14

It’s better when no one’s home

Perfect timing.  We went out in the morning to select and cut a Christmas tree at a nearby tree farm, and it was snowing lightly but steadily at the time, creating a perfect Charlie Brown Christmas moment.  Just as we finished, the snow ended.  How cool is that?

What was rather less cool were my sales calls later in the day.  I wasn’t able to make contact with any customers, which isn’t all that surprising as I’m metaphorically scraping the bottom of my customer cards, calling on people who’ve lapsed over a year previously.  My only active-customer card turned out to be the only call where I actually found someone home.  It wasn’t the customer but her husband, who didn’t have a policy of his own but knew about ABC Insurance.  He was quite personable, we talked for a few moments, although he said that his wife probably wouldn’t be interested in upgrading anything.  He then said that he’d show my card to his wife, they’d talk about her coverage, and if interested his wife would call me.

It was abundantly clear that I would have been much better off had no one been home.  Why?  Had that been the case I would have come back another time, I might have been able to speak to the policyholder herself, and I might have been able to set a time for me to return for a more comprehensive discussion – and that, in turn, might have led to a sale.  Of course this would involve a series of “mights” lining up perfectly.  My chances of selling anything would be very slim.  Even so, that would be better than what actually happened, as I now have a zero chance of selling anything.  The customer is not going to call me, for the simple reason that customers never call insurance agents.*  Going back would be much too pushy and might end up with the customer calling the home office to complain.  When all was said and done I got nowhere today, no sales and no scheduled sales calls, though I should be able to get more lead cards tomorrow or Thursday and might also be able to team up with another agent to do some business canvassing.

Gym: my lack of motivation got somewhat better tonight, I finally did some leg work but wasn’t quite motivated enough to do squats or trap bar deadlifts.  Instead I did machine work, not ideal but better than nothing.  Life Fitness seated leg curls: 4 x 8 x 185.  Precor leg extensions: 5 x 8 x 190.  Seated calf raises: 3 x 12 x 140.  Horizontal leg curls: 3 x 8 x 320.

* = except to cancel a scheduled sales call or seek help with filing a claim

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