Tuesday, January 4

It actually might be better done solo

One of the themes I’ve touched upon several times is that business canvassing is best done in pairs rather than alone.  Being with another agent provides a form of moral reinforcement, especially after encountering less-than-polite people along the way.  I’m now reconsidering this stance after spending most of the day business canvassing with another agent in eastern Suffolk.  It’s nothing that he was doing wrong, we’re not incompatible in any way, but for reasons I cannot explain I believe we would have had more success had we worked separately. Perhaps it is because it actually is harder for receptionists and other “gatekeepers” to turn people away when it’s a one-on-one situation.  Or it might be that being approached by two agents (or solicitors in general) is more threatening on some subconscious level. I really don’t know.  What I do know – it would be impossible not to know – is that today’s canvassing was unsuccessful.  Plenty of “leave me your cards and I’ll pass them onto the office manager” stuff [you are aware, of course, that the chances that the office manager actually will see the cards are equivalent to those of winning Powerball four weeks in row, only to be struck by lightning].

Despite the unsuccessful canvassing I was able to take solace in the fact that we had a group presentation scheduled in the early evening.  It should come as no surprise whatsoever that the aforesaid presentation went down in flames.  Several of the workers were still tied up at the scheduled time and the person in charge said he didn’t have the authority to schedule a new time.  He said that only the company owner had such authority, and “he’s in and out a lot and can be really hard to reach.”  But of course.  Yesterday’s big sale means that this will be a decent week no matter what, but I really had been hoping for something more in this double-bonus week.

Gym: almost, but not quite.  I probably could have had a semi-decent session, but in an abundance of caution I decided to wait another day.  It’s been so long by this point that another missed day is scarcely going to matter.

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