Wednesday, January 5

The influence of delis and bagel shops

Today began with the regular new agents’ meeting, which turned out well.  We got some useful tips and, best of all, bagels were served.  Following the meeting I headed out to central Suffolk for some business canvassing all by my lonesome.  It worked out well, too.  I made a full presentation to the office manager of a medical practice, as she was looking for a way of supplementing the practice’s existing employee health insurance.  She wanted me to check back in a couple of weeks after they get final cost figures for the employee plan.  While I can’t really estimate my chances of making a sale, if I do end up making one the commission should be very very nice.

My next stop was at a deli, and the owner asked me to come back on Friday afternoon to make a presentation.  He seemed quite interested, at least that’s my judgment.  I’m really hoping that I can sell him something.  It doesn’t matter if all I can sell is a small policy with a minimal commission.  What I’m really after is the reference.  Using the names of existing customers in town as references is a very useful way of getting potential customers to listen to sales presentations.  But not all customers are created equal.  If I were to say to a potential customer that I recently made a sale to Chuck’s Plumbing Supply on Main Street, the customer will say “Oh that’s nice.” In contrast, if I were to say that I recently made a sale to Chuck’s Deli (or Bagel Shop) on Main Street, the customer’s eyes will light up and he or she will say “Chuck’s?  Hey, they’ve got good sandwiches, my friends and I often meet there on Saturday mornings.  The girls who work at the counter are always so pleasant and I hear Chuck’s a nice guy too.”  Which reference do you think will be much more useful?

I continued with the canvassing until late afternoon when I finally headed home, eager that tonight for the first time in ages I was actually going to go to the gym.  Or so I thought.  It turns out that we went out to dinner for a sort of impromptu family celebration (Tula Kitchen in Bay Shore, I highly recommend it), so the gym will have to wait another day.

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