Thursday, January 13

Busy, busy, busy

Starting around mid-morning I spent several hours calling on customers in an upscale eastern Suffolk community.  It’s quite a haul, around 50 miles each way, even further east than Range Rover Territory.  What with the price of gasoline I am scarcely thrilled to do so much driving, but what I’m hoping is that my work in this town will generate enough sales commissions to make it all worthwhile.  I made something like 20 stops over the course of the day, calling mostly on active customers with a few lapses.  Calling on active customers sometimes is an exercise in frustration because other agents have called on them within the past year or so.  If they were going to buy anything new they already would have done so, and in some cases they get annoyed from being bothered repeatedly.  These concerns weren’t an issue in this particular community, as no other agents have been there in at least two years.

It turned out to be a reasonably productive effort on my part.  While I didn’t make any sales, I wasn’t expecting to, five customers asked me to come back next week – all on Tuesday, for some reason.  If I can get a couple of sales out of these five I’ll be quite happy.  As I was there today during the workday I concentrated solely on business calls.  As Monday is a federal holiday I’ll go back and make residential calls, figuring that some people will be home during the day, and of course Tuesday will be the follow-ups.  No, I’m not looking forward to all that gasoline usage, but that’s the way this industry works. Today I finished up around 6:30 and headed back home, encountering surprisingly heavy traffic.  Or no so surprisingly, there’s basically just one road out of the area, and traffic can back up like anything.  Especially in the summer, though today showed that winter is not immune.

Gym: 30 minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.8 mph.

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  1. “Let me think about it” is a nice guys way of saying, “Fuck off you piece of shit insurance salesman.”

    Residential calls? WTF?

    “and in some cases they get annoyed from being bothered repeatedly” Do you think maybe?

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