Tuesday, January 18

Life on the road

I probably put at least 175 miles on my car today.  The morning started with an unscheduled early trip into the office, as some new files had come in and were ready for distribution.  Expressway traffic was almost as bad as yesterday’s, though street traffic wasn’t quite as glacial.  One thing that helped is a back way into the office I discovered last week.  It’s not any shorter than the usual route, in fact it might be about a half-mile longer, the advantage is that I go straight through at a particularly gruesome traffic light rather than making a left turn.  There is a turning arrow at the light, which is timed so poorly that only a handful of cars can get through on each green – quite an issue, as there can be a line of 35 or 40 cars trying to turn.  Being able to go straight might well cut several minutes off the trip.  I ended up spending about 90 minutes in the office, sorting through the new customer files and selecting some for canvassing.

It was about mid-morning when I got on the road for the eastern Suffolk community where I’ve been working.  It’s about 50 miles each way from where I live but a good 60 miles each way from the office.  Once I got into town I spent several hours making customer calls.  To my mild disappointment I did not make any sales, however my disappointment is mild because I got some things set up for Thursday.  Unless I’m really star-crossed I should be able to get at least a couple of sales then.  My trip back home took a lot longer than the other way, due to surprisingly heavy traffic on the one main road through the area.  All I could think about it what a disaster this trip would be in the summer, when the area’s population grows exponentially.  By the time I finally got home I was just too worn out for the gym.  This is not a good thing, because my cough has finally ceased, more or less.

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