Friday, January 21

Women vs. wives

Dunno what made me think about it today, maybe it was yesterday’s Guaranteed Sure Thing customer who had to “talk it over with my wife,” but it has occurred to me that there is a massive difference (in insurance-sales terms) between women acting in their own capacity and women acting as wives.  Selling policies to women is not significantly different from selling policies to men.  Just like a man, a woman will buy a policy if it meets her needs and is within her price range.  When selling policies to men, however, their wives can be major obstacles.  It’s almost as if women believe in insurance for themselves but not for their husbands.  This is why “let me talk it over with my wife” so often leads to no sale at all.  Almost invariably the wife will say “you already have enough insurance” even if that is not the case.  No, I cannot explain why women act so differently when they put on their wife hats, so to speak.

As for today, I spent most of the time doing various things in the office, and didn’t go out in the field to try to make any sales.  This is still going to be a good week, and I have enough things lined up for tomorrow that it should work out okay.

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  1. Duh! I wear the financial Wranglers!

    (but wouldn’t you want to insure such a valuable piece of property as a wage-earning hubby?)

    I know it’s your career, but salesmen in general have a way of immediately causing my NATO atomic shield to go up…

  2. It is puzzling, especially when the husband is the primary or sole wage-earner. In some cases, I suspect that the man will say “My wife says we have enough insurance already” when HE isn’t interested, but is too chicken to say “no.”

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