Monday, January 24

Was I a chump?

A bit of background is necessary before one can answer my question.  Last week I got about 120 lead cards for active and recently lapsed policies in an eastern Suffolk community that we’ll call Chipmunk Junction.  Each card shows the name of the agent who wrote the most recent policy.  The standard practice at ABC Insurance is that when these cards are distributed on a town-by-town basis, any ones that show policies written within the past 18 months are given to the agents who wrote those policies, rather than to the agent (me, for Chipmunk Junction) who is now assigned to that town.  Cards for older policies go to the assigned agent.

There is an experienced agent in the office we’ll call Eddie, who has been around for many years and is very successful.  Several years ago he worked a territory that included Chipmunk Junction.  He now works in a different part of Suffolk County.  At today’s weekly agent meeting, Eddie asked if I could show him the Chipmunk Junction cards, he said that he might have ongoing relationships with some of the customers and if possible would like to have their cards.  While I didn’t have to give him any, as all of his were much more than 18 months old, I figured I’d be nice and let him look at the cards.  Eddie probably writes 300 policies a year, so there wasn’t much chance that he’d remember people for whom he’d last written policies five to ten years ago.

Eddie looked through the cards, and to my bemusement he took out every single one of the 35 or 40 cards with his name on them, saying things like “Oh, Charlie Jones, I know him well,” or “Mary Smith, we talk on the phone all the time.”  Charlie’s last policy might have dated from 2002 and Mary’s from 2005.  Now, maybe Eddie really knows his past customers very well and stays in touch with them … but considering he’s written over a thousand policies since theirs, I have my doubts.  I sorta think he just likes to hold onto his past work.  Understand, this is no skin off my teeth, so to speak.  I hadn’t yet contacted any of the customers whose cards he took, and I easily can get new cards to replace them.  In fact I had asked my manager to get me some cards from a town closer to me than Chipmunk Junction.  It’s just strange how possessive some people can be.

As for the day in general, following the meeting I made a few calls in central Suffolk, unfortunately without much success, and spent the late afternoon and early evening taking care of some non-work-related business.  By around 8:30, when I had the opportunity to go to the gym, I was too worn out to go.  I’ve gone three of the last four days, so not going tonight is not a disaster, and my right wrist is still somewhat painful from Saturday’s benching.

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  1. Fuck Eddie and cross him off of your list of people to talk to. If Eddie is so successful why is he taking cards from one of the new guys? As you can see from my reaction, I wouldn’t last 1 week in your white collar world. My wife looks at me like I’m crazy all of the time on things like this. My world is more gruff and direct but we don’t have much subterfuge because the consequences are more severe.

    I’m out here watching and silently pulling for you to hit your stride, GOOD LUCK! I really don’t know how you do it….

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Today I spoke to my manager about how Eddie took all the cards, and he said to refer Eddie to him if Eddie makes another such request.

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