Tuesday, January 25

A rotten day

I really wish a space-time warp could erase today as if it never happened.  In the mid-morning I headed out to eastern Suffolk (“Chipmunk Junction”) for two sales calls.  Both were follow-ups on presentations I had made last week and both looked very promising.  Making both sales would have gotten me a commission in the four figures and would have triggered an additional $250 or so in bonuses.  I also would have gotten on track to get a monthly and/or quarterly bonus.

You can guess what happened.  Both potential sales crashed and burned, leaving nothing behind except some scorched debris.  I don’t think I did anything wrong when making the presentations last week, at least that’s a measure of solace.  None of the customers (one of the calls involved multiple members of a family in business together) were interested in going forward.  One customer gave a not-very-convincing explanation of why he had lost interest, while the family members on the other call just said no without further elaboration.  Chances are that an agent with more experience would have come up short just like I did.

If there is a lesson in this whole sad story, it’s one I know perfectly well but can’t seem to grasp – don’t count your (proverbial) chickens before they (proverbially) hatch.  In fact, looking back at these calls, some faint warning signs were apparent last week, but I just wouldn’t acknowledge them.  At yesterday’s meeting I told an experienced agent about how I had made the presentation to the family members last week, that they seemed interested in some big-commission policies, and that I was going back tomorrow.  He asked a simple question: “Why didn’t they take out the the policies right after your presentation, instead of asking you to return the following week?” I made my best effort to disregard his question … because I was too scared to think about what the likely answer would be.

Gym: despite today’s massive setback, I somehow mustered up enough willpower to go to the gym.  I began with a one-mile run on the treadmill at 4.6 mph, ellipted for 20 minutes, and finished up with 10 minutes’ ellipting on a different style of machine.

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