Wednesday, January 26

Weather is bad for business

It was snowing lightly when I headed into the office around 8:30 for the weekly new agents’ meeting.  Forecasts called for some light snow and sleet during the first part of the day, with a significant snowfall beginning in the evening.  While I generally don’t mind winter driving, it’s become more significant now that I’m working out in Chipmunk Junction.  It’s not just that the town is more than 50 miles away, it’s that there’s only one main road in and out of the area.  If the road were to become blocked, or if traffic started moving at a crawl, I’d be stuck with no real alternatives.

Despite these concerns I was planning on heading out to Chipmunk Junction after the meeting.  If I got there about noon, I would be able to make customer calls for maybe five hours, then head back before the heavy snow got underway.  Or that was the plan. During the meeting, which ran from 9:00 until 10:30, it was impossible not to notice that the morning’s light snow was actually getting quite heavy.  It looked as if the forecasts were wrong and that the storm was starting earlier than predicted.  Given my concerns about access to Chipmunk Junction I decided to play it safe and headed home after the meeting.  And wouldn’t you know, after a period of sleet, the snow ended in a couple of hours.  By 1:30 or 2:00 it was largely over.  Which didn’t do my plans much good.  What with the forecasts still calling for heavy snow starting early in the evening, I figured that if I headed out to Chipmunk Junction I wouldn’t have enough time to make the trip worthwhile.  Given the travel distance it doesn’t make much sense making the trip unless I have at least three hours on scene for making calls, and I wasn’t sure that would be the case.  At times like this I really wish I had at least a small number of customer cards for a closer-in town.

Oh, to add insult to injury, when I went to the gym around 7:30, with no snow falling, I was greeted by a “closed due to weather” sign on its door.  All of the 15 or so other businesses in the plaza where the gym’s located were open for business as usual.

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