Thursday, January 27

Psychoanalyzing Tuesday’s failure

What with last night’s heavy snowfall keeping me off the road until afternoon, I had ample time in the morning to think about what I did wrong on Tuesday.  One of the failed sales calls would have been nothing short of magnificent if it had gone through.  Three members of an extended family who ran a business together were considering life insurance policies, and because two of them were older than most other customers the combined premiums would have been equivalent to the monthly payments on a very nice car.  My commission would have been enough to constitute a more-than-decent income for a period of three weeks even if I sold nothing else during that time.  It also would have triggered a nice bonus and gotten me on track for winning a quarterly sales award.

When I made the presentation last Thursday the family members did not appear to show much resistance to the combined premiums.  At least that was my take on the matter, it is possible that one or more of them might have been displeased but didn’t show it.  Or, even worse, that they did make their dissatisfaction apparent but I was too dense to pick up on it.  I just don’t know.  One thing I do know is that I did not bring up the refund option.  All policies which ABC Insurance sells come with a 30+ day money back guarantee.  When a new policyholder receives the policy in the mail, which usually is about 15 to 30 days after signing the application, he or she has 30 days to return it for a complete refund of the one month’s premium that the agent had collected upon application signing.  Now, if this happens the agent will get charged back for the commission already paid, so from my standpoint I would very much not want it to happen.  Better not to make a sale and earn no commission, than to have the commission charged back.

Despite these risks, mentioning the refund option can be a viable means of salvaging a sale that otherwise looks like it’s going to fall through.  I did not mention it when I made the presentation last Thursday.  As a result I’m now endlessly psychoanalyzing whether my failure to mention the option was a mistake.  I might have been better off running the risk of a commission charge back.  It’s a fairly remote risk.  I tell myself, however, that when I made the presentation the customers showed no real resistance, so I had no reason to trot out this potentially dangerous “weapon.”  But wait!  The fact that they had asked me to return the following Tuesday, rather than signing up on the spot, may itself have been a form of resistance.  I attributed the delay to the customers’ natural desire to give a major purchase – it would have been like buying a new Volvo or Infiniti – some careful consideration.  Was that naive on my part?  I just don’t know, all I do know is that it may be a long time before I stop all this amateur psychiatrist stuff.  The only thing that definitely would stop it is actually making an equivalently large sale, and that’s the sort of event that sure doesn’t come along too often.

As for today, when I finally finished shoveling and doing some other chores, it was around 1 pm, and even though the roads were okay I decided not to drive out to Chipmunk Junction.  Instead, I went to a closer town where I’d done some work a couple of months ago and did follow-ups on a few business calls I had made.  A couple of them seemed promising at first but ultimately did not work out.  It’s looking as if this will be a no-sale week, not a pleasant thing, but fortunately I had made enough money off of last week’s big sale that it won’t matter too much from a money standpoint.

Gym: for the time being I’m going to concentrate on running and other weight-loss exercise rather than weights.  What with all my time on the road and eating junk food, I’ve begun to notice that some items of clothing are getting a bit snug.  I’ll do some weights, but they’re not going to be my focus.  Tonight I started out with 20 minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.6 mph, ran one mile on the treadmill at 4.7 mph, and ellipted for 15 minutes.

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