Friday, January 28

Setting things up

After two weather-related delays I finally moseyed out to Chipmunk Junction today.  I was really hoping that I’d be able to make at least a small sale and save this from being a zero-commission week.  Thanks to last week’s big sale it won’t hurt too much financially if I sell nothing this week, nonetheless it’s demoralizing not to have any sales to report.  The bad news is that I didn’t end up selling anything, the hopefully-maybe good news is that I got a couple of calls scheduled for next week.  One of them might turn out to be promising (I know, chickens and eggs and all that).  It didn’t seem promising at first, as the customer’s policies had lapsed in early 2010 and I haven’t had much luck bringing lapsed customers back into the fold.  I stopped at the customer’s office, gave my card to the receptionist and briefly explained why I was there, and then she went into another room to speak with the customer.  She came back out in a minute or two and said that the customer could see me next week.  This indicates to me that the customer must have some interest in taking out a new policy, as otherwise he would have had the receptionist send me away (that’s her job, after all).  I’m coming back on Wednesday, let’s hope my luck will change.  I also spoke to another, current customer, and he seems at least somewhat interested in a disability policy.  I’m seeing him on Tuesday, along with another two customers.

It was late afternoon when I got home from Chipmunk Junction, plenty of time to go to the gym, unfortunately I was really and somewhat inexplicably worn out, and didn’t go.

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