Monday, February 7

The curse of Groundhog Crossing

I just barely made it into the 9 am agents’ meeting thanks to absolutely brutal Expressway traffic.  It was so bad that I had to use the service road most of the way, which would be a smart idea except for the fact that many other people were thinking the exact same thing.  After the meeting I headed off to Groundhog Crossing to try my luck.  Tomorrow I’ll be making the far longer trek to Chipmunk Junction, today I wanted to stick closer to home.  I also was hoping that with a new week and everything I’d be able to break the curse of Groundhog Crossing.  Other agents have had very poor luck in that town, maybe I’d be luckier.  All I can say is that it’s something yet to be proved.  That’s right, my efforts in town today yielded a big fat goose egg.  I have one thing in the works that might pay off, making a presentation to a local government office, but arranging for the necessary consents is proving to be a challenge.

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