Tuesday, February 8

Is there any way I could press a Reset button and make today not exist?

One bit of conventional wisdom that contains more than a few grains of truth is that life is a mixture of good times and bad.  It’s very rare for things to be all good or all bad.  Well, whoever came up with that conventional wisdom obviously didn’t know about my day today.  It began on a bad note and just got steadily worse.  After a miserable night I headed out in the morning with that cold that had tormented me for so long having returned with a vengeance.  Not only was I coughing and sneezing incessantly, I had a sore throat that made me wonder if I had been gargling with Liquid Drano.  Traffic on the way into the office was miserable and I had to rush like crazy to make it by nine even though I’d left in what I had thought was plenty of time.

Normally I don’t mind meetings too much, but today’s was harder to tolerate, in part because of my physical state and in part because the super-enthusiasm of this extra bonus week was quite at odds with my outlook.  I also found out that my plans to make a group presentation to a government agency, which I mentioned yesterday, are not going to go anywhere.  It turns out that a different insurance company has entered into some sort of deal giving it exclusive access to agency employees.  I can still try contacting existing agency employee policyholders at their houses, but I won’t be able to reach any new ones.

By the time the meeting ended my strength was down to zero.  There was no way I could safely drive the 50-plus miles out to Chipmunk Junction … but I had to do so anyway because I had two scheduled sales calls.  One, actually; the other one evaporated by the time I got to town (when I got the call from the prospective customer I knew it would be telling me not to come over, that’s the only reason why a customer ever would call).  The other call came through in the sense that I actually did meet the prospective customer, though to my complete lack of surprise she bought nothing.  I also spent several hours driving all over town calling on existing customers.  To my mild surprise I was able to make contact with a number of people, not that I was able to sell anything or even schedule any future calls.  With a couple of exceptions most of the people were polite, generally telling me “We’re happy with what we already have,” so I guess that’s something for which I should be thankful.  Late in the afternoon I was speaking with a building contractor at his house, and he seemed interested in a disability policy, unfortunately his wife walked in the room and put the kibosh on the deal.  What was perhaps most frustrating of all was the husband’s hangdog, she’s-the-boss expression as his wife told me to leave.

By the time I headed home, barely able to drive by this point, I had spent several hours driving all around town, probably putting at least 50 miles on my car in addition to the 100+ miles for the round trip to town.  The driving and the exhaustion would have been okay if I had accomplished anything, but it turned out to be a completely wasted effort.  It’ll probably be my last trip to Chipmunk Junction in a while, as all I have left are some scattered residential cards where people aren’t home during the day, and in this town they’re more trouble than they’re worth.  Most of them are in semi-rural, heavily wooded parts of town with no street lighting, hardly conducive to calling on peoples’ houses after dark.  People generally dislike callers coming unannounced to their doors at night, indeed I can hardly blame them.  Somehow I made it home more or less intact, though of course I was far too beat for the gym.

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