Friday, February 11

No sale days = no fun

I not surprised that I wasn’t able to sell anything today.  In fact I knew right from the start it was going to be one of those days.  All of my remaining customer cards are for residential customers, so it wouldn’t make much sense trying to contact them during the day.  My plans are to spend a few hours on the road tomorrow in Groundhog Crossing calling on as many as possible.  Earlier in the week I had planned to do some business canvassing today with another agent, but I wasn’t able to arrange a time, it’ll have to wait until next week.  Toward the latter part of next week I also should be able to get more customer cards.  In any event, any selling activities today would have been only for a relatively short time period because all the agents had to be in the office in the mid-afternoon for a nationwide conference call with home office.  There was some speculation that there’d be a revamping of the commissions schedule or perhaps a new product announcement.  In fact, the call was the ultimate anti-climax, just some information about upcoming incentives program.  One of which involves some very nice awards for the top 50 or so agents in the country.  I didn’t bother taking notes on that award because it’s a very, very, very safe bet that I won’t be among the top 50 [lest this sound like woe-is-me self-deprecation, I will point out that it is also certain that nearly all of the top 50 will be agents with many years’ experience and large customer bases, it just works that way].

I had been planning to make my long-delayed Return to the Gym in the evening, but instead there was a change of plans, as the family and I went out to dinner.  We went to Ruby Tuesday’s, and I ordered a new steak on the menu, the Chef’s Cut 12-ounce sirloin.  After placing the order I had some second thoughts – was it wise to order a steak at a non-steakhouse?  To my very pleasant surprise the steak was thick and tender and done medium just the way I had ordered.  It was easily the equal of anything at Outback.

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