Wednesday, February 16

When your best isn’t good enough

Today being a Wednesday it began as usual with the weekly new agents’ meeting.  I left a bit earlier than usual and encountered no more traffic than usual, so I arrived in plenty of time.  The meeting itself went quite well, with some role-playing as part of the training.  One interesting tip we got from the manager who led the meeting was to watch a few episodes of The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic TV.  He said that you can learn some very useful tips about taking control of situations, which can help overcome sales resistance.  It sounds a bit strange to me, but I’ll give it a try.

After stopping home for a while I headed off to Chipmunk Junction for a sales call I had scheduled on Monday evening.  The customer has had a couple of small policies for many years, and had said she wants to consider upgrading them due to changing needs.  I met her at her (very nice) house in a semi-rural part of town right on time.  Now, I’m not much for bragging or anything, but I believe that I did everything just the way I should have.  I went over the customer’s needs, found out what type of policy would best suit her current requirements, and explained that policy type in detail.  She seemed quite interested and acknowledged that the policy would fulfill a current unmet need.

And after all this … the customer replied with the dreaded “let me think about it.”  I tried all the overcoming-resistance techniques, pointing out in particular that the best time for her to bring up any questions was while I was there to answer them.  No luck.  In fact, not only did she say that he had to think about it, but went on to say that it would be at least three months before she could come to a decision.  I cannot explain why she was so reluctant.  From what I had been able to determine, the cost of the policy would be utterly trivial given the customer’s financial position.  What made things even worse, in a way, is that the customer had many years’ experience in a different type of sales and said as I left that she really liked my sales approach.  Well great.  Guess she didn’t like it enough to buy anything.

I was in a very bad mood after failing so abjectly.  In an attempt to get some value out of the long drive to Chipmunk Junction I called on a couple other customers, though without much luck.  At least the day was not a complete failure, as in the evening I made a relatively small sale closer to home.  Any sale is better than no sale, of course, but the commission on this one was barely a fifth of what I would have made on the one that failed.

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