Thursday, February 17

Lose one, win one

Another day, another trip to Chipmunk Junction.  I had two calls in town scheduled for today and was hoping that yesterday’s failure would not be repeated.  Just as success builds on success, failure builds on failure – something known at least instinctively to anyone who has been on a prolonged losing streak of any sort.  My first call was a dismal repeat of yesterday’s flop.  The customer seemed interested, asking a number of intelligent questions about the policy he was considering.  I was fully expecting him to go for at least a smaller policy, unfortunately he came out with the dreaded “let me talk it over with my wife” line.  Oh, no.  In retrospect it probably was a mistake on my part not to have suggested that I meet with both the customer and his wife.

Fortunately, my losing streak proved short-lived.  Following the failed call I went directly to another one at a small business a couple of miles away.  This customer had taken out a policy more than a decade ago and had decided that it no longer met his needs.  I went over his current needs and helped him decide on a disability policy.  He then asked for help in determining the appropriate monthly benefit amount, and I was pleased to be able to assist.  It was almost as if I acted as a financial advisor as much as a salesman.  To make things even better, I spoke to a couple other people at the business about policies they might use, and will come back next week to speak to them further.  So today’s trip to Chipmunk Junction turned out much better than yesterday’s, and may lead to even more sales next week.  The only downside is that by the time I got home in the evening, I was just too worn out for the gym.

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